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Friday, April 1, 2011


I love birds. I love watching birds. I feed birds. If you looked in my documents file, you would say I have an unhealthy obsession with birds. Birds are everywhere. I decorate with birds.

Bird Overload?  Let me tell you about BIRD OVERLOAD...

Somewhere out there in the realm of nature, there is a force. It is called INSTINCT.  There is a bird out there
and that bird is hearing the VOICE OF INSTINCT, and that voice is telling him GET IN THAT HOUSE!

This bird has a mate, and that mate is telling this bird....LET ME SHOW YOU HOW IT'S DONE!

How do I know about this?  Because I have seen. Because I have heard.

This bird.

This bird wants in my house.

This bird's mate wants in my house too.

They want it bad.

They like this tree...this tree sits right outside of my bedroom window.

My bedroom.
Where I like to sleep later than 7 am.
Where I like to take afternoon naps.

This bird is tough.  Tireless.  Tenacious.  Slobbery.

This is bird slobber.

sorry about this picture...it doesn't begin to show how bad the window looks!

These two devil birds work as a team.  One slams into the window, not once, but multiple times at a whack, then flies to a branch to sing while the B-team comes in for a dive.  Repeat.  Then I come in to try and capture this demonic activity with my camera and they both dart to the ground to eat gravel, then fly away into the cedars just 10 feet away, which by the way would be a lovely place for a nest.  I stand motionless by the window, and wait for the next sortie.  If I had a decent camera you would get to see this, but so far I have failed to catch the devils slamming their glorious red bodies into the glass.  The glass that is so glommy with bird slobber that they don't even see me standing there. The most irritating thing is the way they chirp away, cheering each other on, chirping right through the pain of the assault. I have witnessed this madness taking place from 7 am to 7 pm. Non stop. I stop watching for snacks, naps in the basement where it is quiet, catching up on world news.... They stop for nothing.

I think they have not heard about what happened to the last cardinal who tried to get into my bedroom to build a nest.  Not to be deterred by the plastic snake, the window covered with the funny papers, the shooing and shooshing, he came against a force much stronger than NATURE and INSTINCT.

He met my husband, THE BIRDINATOR.  Enough said.

I fear that these two determined love-birds are destined to meet their maker before they have a chance to build a nest and raise a little family. It is the way of nature. 
It is the way of THE BIRDINATOR.


The End.


  1. Have you tried hanging something over the outside of the window? Perhaps it's a reflection they see that they want.

  2. Oh my gosh you are so funny! I love this post! You really crack me up. Boy the birs sure seem to like you. I've seen people here hang a cd on a string on the outside of the window. maybe it moves in the breeze and scares them? WE need to do something--they keep trying to build nests and lay eggs in Maya's window box. It had gotten pretty gross out there, then sweet Um Hussein cleaned it all out for me. MAybe she could come take care of your slobbery windows. She would enjoy seeing America, I'm sure :). . .

  3. I don't know Mary Beth...these darn mocking birds and blue jays are making me an early riser these days...that is until it gets so hot that I have to close the windows and turn on the air conditioner that will eventually drowned out all noise.

    Love the photos...looks like I need to jump on the band wagon with some nests in my tablescapes.

  4. I love all of your birds...including the real ones! A pair of cardinals has taken up in our neighborhood, too. They love to sit at the car rearwiew mirrors and admire themselves and peck at their reflections...and leave a mess on the cars! Yikes! They are pretty birds, though! About my plates...I hang them with wire plate hangers from Hobby Lobby. They have been there for several years with no problems. Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  5. I'm still laughing!! Such pretty birds and nests. Love the cardinals too! We have this crazy, endangered woodpecker here with a red head that makes the craziest sound, and I just love him or her! Apparently they stay here all winter because I heard them around. Thanks for stopping by! I have not been getting around so I'm missing everyone!!

  6. Such pretty birds!I think Cardinals are so beautiful.

  7. I just want that view!! I love to watch birds, too.

  8. Bonsoir! Om my gosh, your view is gorgeous. What lucky birds! I wanted to stop by and thank you for participating in our April event. Your comments are very much appreciated! Hope you have a lovely Sunday ~ oxox

  9. I've had this problem with Robins. It can really make you crazy. We finally did cover the reflection outside the window with newspaper. Looks terrible, but you get to sleep! Ha!


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