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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Plantings!

In case you thought this post was about lovely flowers,
sorry to disappoint.
I just drug out those pictures
to lure you in
one more time.

I'm sneaky like that.

But I digress.
This post is about 

Manly men.
That should peak your interest too.

My manly man
likes to do things 
in a big way.

When he decides to do some 
spring planting,
make room for this bad boy...

My man likes oak trees...
nice BIG oak trees.

When the neighbor said,
"sure, help yourself,"
my man did not waste time.
He hired the big guns.

First they dig a big hole.
Like this.
If we had real soil, it would look soft, black and crumbly,
but no. 
That was back in Illinois, before I got in the covered wagon 
 and headed west to Kansas.
Kansas has no soil like that.
Ok, don't get me started ...
Here is the first hole.

I didn't really enjoy standing downhill from this rig.
Here he comes to plop a tree into the hole.
I use the word plop loosely
actually there was no plopping.

My man does not plop anything.
Neither does this truck.

My man is a big guy,
but even he looks short beside this monster!

Easy does it...

After the tree is in place,
The blades come back up
and then they fan open like this...
and the truck moves away.

Once a safe distance away, the blades fold back up
and the truck goes hunting
for another unsuspecting tree.

After all the trees are dug and plopped planted,
The builder makes sure
that the tree is standing straight and tall.

He uses a level.

Each tree gets 4 or 5 steel stakes
and he ties the tree to these stakes
to make sure it stands straight and tall
for the first year
in it's new home.

We do this every time we move trees
and it is a happy day when those things come down.
But for now,
no Kansas wind is going to bother this lovely tree.

Day 1. Scout out prospective trees and tag.

Day 2. Dig holes, plant trees, make sure all holes refilled with dirt, smooth over holes with box blade.

Day 3.Go to church and take wife and son to lunch,
 Stake and tie trees, build dams around base of each tree and water profusely,
(pick up bag of chocolates and card for Mother's Day),
lounge around admiring trees.

I think that I shall never see
a thing as lovely
as a tree.

The End.


  1. Wow, that has to be very expensive to hire a big truck like that to get some big trees. Oaks are pretty when they are big and full, but also messy.

  2. Yes Kim it IS expensive and they ARE messy. My hubs is giddy, so that's the main thing, right?

  3. Giddy is good on either Huebner, but it's harder to picture Jim giddy.


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