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Monday, May 3, 2010

Aqua Loveliness

Didn't Hubs do a great job 
picking out the color 
for these lovely 
septic tank pipes?
He really stepped out of his comfort zone
with this choice.

He would have preferred brown or gray,
but this was the only option.
It's all about the color, after all.

This team works like
a well oiled machine.

Align. Level. Align again.

When someone insists that I take pictures
for this blog...
they had better smile,
or at least look happy 
that I am finally 
taking said pictures!

It is always important to crop strategically,
when posting about ditch work...
not all ditches  need be

I want this guy's job.
Load. Dump. Wait.
Actually, Melvin dug all the trenches,
so he deserves a rest!

Melvin dumps the rock

these manly men rake the rock.
Yo. Rake the rock. Rake the rock.

I could make a rap song out of this....

Rake the rock.
Rake the rock.
I got me some men
to- rake- the- rock....

You rake!
You rake!
Go rakers!
Go rakers!
You rake!
You rake!

This rock raker is resting
He is rockin rock raker.
He is a rockin rake star!!!!
At least he smiles for the camera!
Yo. Peace out.

Get back to work you rock raker!
No resting!
No rapping!
Rake! Rake!
See Jim!
See Jim rake!

ok, I had way too much fun with this....

This was very hard work.
Much grunting and sweating took place
and very sore muscles ensued.
I am very glad this job is complete,
especially since it rained all weekend.

Timing is everything!


  1. That's MY MaryBeth, Rap Queen Extraordinare!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! YOu made laying septic system pipe a fabulous post! This post is great, and so are you! I laughed out loud!
    I just love your rap song. It's kinda catchy... rake the rock, rake the rock...

  3. LOL. The paint fumes are getting to my dear MIL. That was hilarious!

  4. WOW! That looks like a huge job! The best part is that your sewage will run through pipes that are the pantone color of the year. It is important to be stylish, LOL.

  5. you are my mom and i am so so proud! i was trying to calm maya down by bathing her last night and i was singing the 3 men in a tub song but realized i don't know the words. a garbled 3 men in a tub rap ensued. but your rake the rock rap is sooooo superior! you crack me up. keep up the good work. by the title i thought you were talking paint colors on the wall and i got all excited. but you made septic pipes un-disappointing. so does having a septic tank mean you have to buy special toilet paper? but hey, at least you'll be able to flush yours! :)

  6. rubadubdub...three men in a tub,
    and what did the three men say?
    Wash me and rinse me and get me all clean,
    for I'm going to the store today... repeat...

    must be sung in an urchin voice - Love you mama!

  7. Mary beth, they are fine. Of course Opryland and that area is still a mess. Thanks for asking and have a great day tomorrow.

  8. Mary Beth ....a lot of work, love your header!!


    Art by Karena

  9. Hello Mary Beth
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and your nice comments! Looks like you all had a busy day! Love the color of your septic pipes!

  10. I always think the right color is important for a sewer pipe. Color is key! Great job there!


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