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Thursday, July 9, 2009

back to work, but first a little water.

Yes, yes, I know-

it's been too long.

I hang my head in shame.

The men have been working away

and I have been galavanting


Most of you can scroll down through these first two

You have already seen this.
I have taken a ba-jillion
pictures of this pit.

But, my expat daughter
swears that she has seen
no pictures of the water.

I think she is just hot
and wants to bask in
the cool loveliness
once again.

Here it is.
 Once in the sun,
and once in a muggy summer shower
taken minutes apart.

Notice how lush and green
everything is?

It's like that all across Kansas.
We have had a very wet spring and summer.

It seems a little dry now,
but everywhere you go
the world is green, green, green.
I love it!

There you have it, Kellie.

Dad is going to dig out the end of the pit that curls around toward us,
and the water will run right along the back yard.

Now back to work on the house!

Here is a view of the back.
It wont look like this really
because some of the windows are
covered up.

They will cut that out later.
Don't ask me why they do it this way.
I have no idea.
I even hesitate to show it to you this way,
because it is so deceiving.

I hate to be deceitful that way.

 At least you can see
that the roof is going on.

Here is where the guys take their breaks in the shade
of the front yard.

Here is what you will see coming up the driveway.

Here is what you will see as you get right up close.

Again, the front.

There is a dormer that sits on the roof, between those two peaks

but it hasn't been born yet,

Also, you have to imagine
stone, stucco,  paint and pillars.

All in good time, 
my dears!


  1. your expat daughter thanks you from the bottom of her heart. what great water you have! :) thanks for all the other pictures too, things are really starting to take shape and it looks like a real house now! it seems to be coming together much faster than the last house. is it? is it that dad is so much more experienced now, or using more help, or just because it's smaller? or is it not moving that much faster? where's my room? :) just think, this time next year, we'll be visiting you in your new house!! yipee!!!

  2. It's going faster because we're paying a crew to do the framing this time! Neither Dad nor I have the endurance we had 5 years ago and we don't want to rent any longer than we have to! And yes, it is much smaller, with no upstairs bedrooms or bathrooms. Your room will be in the basement which is really spacious. Im looking at paint colors right now. This time next year....those words make me so sad. Three years is a long time not to see my girl and her beau. Hopefully, I wont have to wait til next time this year! ;

  3. well, you won't have to wait till this time next year if you come and see us!!! I thought that was a for sure thing, but you don't sound too convinced. Is this still up in the air? I think you will come. I am hoping for it. Praying for it. I can't imagine you not meeting your grand-person until he/she is six months old!

  4. "this time hext year" just brought it to my mind how long it has been since I have hugged you and for the first time in a very long time, it seemed like an eternity. I am coming! somehow.


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