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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a peaceful night...

I've been wanting to go to the house and take some pictures of the snow we've had around here
since Christmas Eve.

First I was busy.
Then it was too cold.
Then it snowed some more.
Then it was really cold
and windy.

Then I got sick
and stuck around the house
because it was
really really cold.

I could not stand
being inside
one more minute.

We had planned to drive to Joplin
to run some errands,
but Jim wanted to keep on
with the paperwork
he had almost finished.

I whined and said,
let's at least drive out to the house
so I can take some pictures of the snow.

Boy howdy,

it's a good thing we went
this is what we found....

water water everywhere!
water spewing.
water dripping.
water soaking into things that were not
supposed to be wet.

since things were beginning to thaw
the water line into the house
And the water came spraying into the basement.

It's not just the water on the floor,
becauase that was minor,

The spray must have created quite a humid environment,
because water seems to be on every surface on that half
of the basement.

While Jim scurried out to shut off the water
he slipped and fell into a hole of snow/water and hurt his leg.
Then he began dragging wet stuff over
to the dry side of the basement,
setting up fans and lights.

To complicate things,
the sump pump seems to have burned itself up.
We'll deal with that tomorrow.

Here is the site of the drama.

But enough on that.

Here is how things are looking
dusted with the lovely snow.

I think we are in for a heat wave and thaw this week.
It's supposed to get up into the 30's!

There were deer tracks everywhere.
And it was sooooo quiet.

Geese calling overhead.
Little birds settling in for the night.



  1. Oh MB, I'm so sorry for this frustrating circumstance. I will pray.

  2. Oh NO! Poor FIL. I hope he's feeling better today. Darn crazy snow. Did you get it all cleaned up?

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about the water situation. How frustrating! The house is so beautiful though, as is the scenery. Thanks for sharing the photos. Hope you have a good (and dry!) weekend.

  4. sooo beautiful and peaceful! is dad okay now after his fall?

  5. I am glad you came to my blog because now I can follow you on this journey. Your new house looks beautiful from what I can see of it. We did a lot of the work ourselves or else we could not have afforded our dream home. We subcontracted the footings, framing, electrical, plumbing, roofing, dry wall, geo themal system, everything else we did. I did ALL the painting except my nephew sprayed the some of the ceilings and he helped with some of the high walls. My husband hung all the windows and doors and did all the trim in the house. He is a banker by day, but he can do just about anything. During this time I was working a full time job, too and going to the house at night and every weekend to paint. We both look back and wonder how on earth did we do it. It actually is a blur!! From start to finish it only took us six months. We have made many changes over the years since then. We built in 1995. We have added a sunroom and his garage and a lot of new painting and new floors and kitchen re do since. Have fun with building your dream home...Kim


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