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Friday, January 23, 2009

Day One - January 22, 2009

Hi kids!  This is mostly for you, so that you can see what's happening around here. I don't know what I'm doing , so bear with me.  I have taken some pictures of what we did yesterday and today out at the property, which will be called "the cedars" for now.  I tried several names that Dad and I had tried out on each other, but I couldnt use them for my official blog title, according to the blog police, so that's that.  

I will put up a few pictures  from yesterday after I remind myself how to get them off my camera , and then when I'm on a roll, I'll add some from today.  Basically, it's been two days of hard cutting, stacking, burning trees and underbrush that we don't want.  I just run around yelling, "cut this one!"  and Dad just shakes his head "no"- when he finally does cut, I run in and drag it to the burn pile, or make a little pile for him to move with his JD (john deere) Yesterday we had balmy temps in the 60's and it was so great!  Today, not so much.  The wind moved in from the north and the temps dropped all afternoon into the 30's and by 3 or so, I couldn't stand it any more and came on home.   

 I forgot to tell you that today, the fence guy started putting up fence to separate our land from John's.  While John was out and about, he brought his JD over and helped pull some dead limbs out of a big elm tree and hauled them up to the brush pile.  He has about 6 dogs that go with him everywhere and they came too to watch. They look like chocolate labs, but they have a little curl to their hair. There's also one that looks like some kind of large spaniel.  They are like his little kids and only one will let me pet him.

I also forgot to mention that Dad let me use the chain saw today.  I just feel so stinkin empowered!  Of course there are no pictures of this, but I intend to get some the next time he breaks down.   He is so paranoid about cutting down too much.  I am going to have to be patient because I know I am right on this!  

I also forgot to mention that while I was yanking on a stubborn branch that was all tangled up in the vines, I fell backward and smacked my head on the ground. ouch.  I looked around to see if anyone was within hearing reach, in case I needed to shout for help before I passed out, but of course the tractor and chain saw were both running, so I decided not to pass out and get back to work.  

Well, I'm going to run and get the camera and fiddle with that for a while.  Heck, If I can run the chain saw, surely I can get some pictures up tonight!   

Kimberly you will be pleased to know that there are several lovely wedding options .  John is working an auction next weekend and Dad went to see the equipment for sale.  He mentioned a pontoon boat and I think it will work perfectly for your float down the pitt into the wedding area.  Just thought you'd want to know.

Signing off for a little while,

Chain Saw Mama


  1. I am so stinking impressed. Your helmet is in the mail :) I told Jason after I read this, "We can't even get a stinking dining room floor put down...your parents are already clearing land, burning brush and building a fence!" Way to go!

  2. I too am uber-impressed by the pace of this undertaking, already! Also, on the slim chance that I would ever consent to play queen of the Nile for my wedding, a pontoon boat would not be involved.


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